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Welcome to The Novel Emporium, a magical place for writers, readers and lovers of everyday magic.

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This is a little store filled with things I love. From supporting your writing to whimsy and fun things for your desk, this is the perfect place to find the perfect gift for you or for someone you love.

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We are a small business that we run from home. So we offer limited releases of certain stock. Please don't hesitate before it's too late to get your special item.

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Bring a bit of magic into your everyday life with enchanting items that inspire creativity and brighten your writing experience.

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Immerse yourself in my personal selection that fuel your passion for writing and creativity, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.


Welcome To

The Novel Emporium

Ever since I read the Tale of Ginger and Pickles I wanted my own shop. Hopefully I am more of a Sally Henny-Penny than Ginger and Pickles as a business owner! I am a best selling author who is also a stationery lover and writing cheerleader. This is my little shop of things I love and you might like also!

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